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Innocent Spouse Relief - You Need Professional Representation

If the IRS or state is coming after you for taxes from a joint tax return you may qualify for innocent spouse relief, and I can help. I can help individuals file for innocent spouse relief and can work directly with the IRS or the state on your behalf.

What is Innocent Spouse Relief?  When a married couple files their taxes jointly, both people are responsible for the taxes owed no matter which person actually made the income.  If the taxes are not paid the IRS and state will come after whichever jointly filed individual they can find, even if he or she was not the cause of the unpaid tax.  Under certain circumstances, this can lead to unjust tax collection results.  For this reason, both the IRS and states have provided Innocent Spouse Relief to remedy this type of delinquent tax collection problem.

Do I Qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief? Read about the innocent spouse relief requirements then contact us to discuss your situation. I provide personal attention to guide you through the process. 

*IMPORTANT NOTE - If you qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief this does not mean that the IRS or state will automatically approve you for it.  To the contrary, they will typically try every possible means and reason NOT TO APPROVE you for it.  It is their job to say NO to tax relief.  This is why you must have PROFESSIONAL TAX REPRESENTATION if you are to improve your odds of being approved for this type of tax relief.  This is why you need ME.  And be assured that if you do not qualify for innocent spouse relief I am very capable of securing alternate relief for you such as an Offer In Compromise, Currently Not Collectible, or perhaps a Partial Pay Installment Agreement.  There is often more than one way to put past due tax issues behind you.

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