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If you're an independent contractor the IRS can levy your 1099 earnings to collect a tax debt. I can help negotiate a payment plan with the IRS in order to stop or avoid a 1099 levy of your earnings.

1099 Levy



I can help put an end to wage garnishment. We may be able to negotiate an affordable payment plan that will allow you pay off your tax debt over time. 

Wage Levy (Wage Garnishment)

Social Security or Retirement Levy

Retirement accounts are not off limits to the IRS. If you avoid the IRS long enough they may go after your social security. We can help stop these types of levies and keep your retirement money safe.

Bank Levy

A bank levy is usually used as a last resort by the IRS to pay off an outstanding tax debt. Start working with us now to stop bank levies or avoid having your funds seized.
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