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Get Your Past Tax Returns Back in Order and the IRS Off Your Back: Our Guarantee to You!

The IRS has finally caught up with you. Those old, back tax returns you didn't file triggered their interest. Now they're demanding your back tax returns - and the IRS means business.

If you don't pony up, they'll prepare them for you - and believe me, you won't be coming out ahead.
Any deductions or offsets you're entitled to other than the standard amounts won't be calculated, and that can cost you plenty - in back taxes, interest and penalties.

Don't Wait for the IRS to Start Levying You for Those Past Returns

Now that you're in the IRS's cross-hairs, it's game-over. But here's the problem: The longer you delay, the less patience the IRS is going to have. Keep on delaying and ignoring their demands, and they'll start levying your assets - attaching your bank accounts, garnishing your wages, and any other method that will extract the cash they're demanding.  However, how on earth are you going to reconstruct the necessary information? W2's, 1099's, lost forms, lost records… that alone can be a nightmare.

Solid Experience Means Solid Results

By coming to me, here's what you can expect: 

  • First off, I'll prevent or stop the IRS from seizing your assets - even if they've already started garnishment proceedings

  • Next, I'll locate ALL the missing or lost information needed to properly file your back tax returns, while getting you ALL the deductions your entitled to

  • Then I'll file those past year returns with the IRS - squaring you away once and for all.

Plan to Resolve Your Debt with Regular Payments

Contact me for a free, confidential initial consultation.  Tell me your story.  Why do this now? Because the IRS tax collectors aren't going away by themselves. Every day you wait to file those past year  tax returns only makes the situation worse.

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