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How did Indiana do on the 2019 State Business Tax Climate Index?

Spoiler alert: It made it on the top 10 list. The Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index enables business leaders, government policymakers, and taxpayers to gauge how their states’ tax systems compare. In an article on Tax Foundation, Jared Walczak, Scott Drenkard, and Joseph Bishop-Henchman break down each state including the top 10 best states, and the bottom 10 worst states. The top 10 list includes: 1. Wyoming

2. Alaska

3. South Dakota

4. Florida

5. Montana

6. New Hampshire

7. Oregon

8. Utah

9. Nevada

10. Indiana

Tax Foundation: Indiana saw consistent rate reductions through a series of responsible tax reform efforts between 2011 and 2016. Subsequent legislation established a further schedule of corporate income tax reductions through fiscal year 2022. For 2018, the corporate income tax rate declined from 6 to 5.75 percent. This rate reduction, among other changes, drove an improvement of six places on the corporate component of the Index. The Hoosier State and Utah continue to post the best rankings among states which impose all the major taxes.

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